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Shaman Mist


Shaman Mist for Grounding + Clarity
Smudging Aromatherapy Mist

Clear that space, woman. Get that positive energy flowing and ground yourself into your absolute amazingness.

This aromatherapy mist is our “Shaman” proprietary oil blend paired with Palo Santo oil. Palo Santo is a South American wood used for smudging. (And it smells like a magickal bonfire, too.)

With the comforting, earthy and surprisingly sweet combination of sandalwood, myrrh, and coffee to round out the Palo Santo, you’ll be feeling buzzed and centered in no time.

DIRECTIONS: Use as a mist for your space, your linens, or your body. Spray it wherever you’re feeling it. Especially delicious after a deep meditation or after you’ve spent a prolonged period of time with your family. (eek!)

INGREDIENTS: witch hazel, essential oils of sandalwood, myrrh, palo santo, vanilla absolute, coffee absolute


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