Matcha Clay Mask


Clay Mask & Facial Cleanser
For Nourished Skin
Natural Vegan Skincare

This Matcha Clay Mask is like a green smoothie for your face. Matcha (green tea), spirulina and french green clay cleanse and fortify your skin for a vibrant, healthy complexion.

For all skin types.

DIRECTIONS: Mix 1tsp of mask with enough water or carrier oil to form a paste. Apply and leave on until it starts to dry. Gently wash away in water. Have fun with it. I like to paint on my masks using a paintbrush. Make it another chance for you to connect with your beautiful self. Let it be your warpaint crying out for radical self-love! Mix & match or combine clay masks if you fancy.

The ideal time to rinse facials is when they're starting to dry, but not fully dry yet. Optimum time is when they're still a little sticky. That way you can gently rub it in and exfoliate as you rinse it away. When your mask completely dries, it begins to dry out your skin, so time it accordingly.

Tip: Don't have time for a full facial? This can double as a facial cleanser if you're short on time and still want the chocolatey benefits.

INGREDIENTS: french green clay, white kaolin clay, matcha (green tea) powder*, spirulina powder*
*certified organic ingredients

Buying dry facial powders like this is great because it lasts a really long time without any need for artificial preservatives. You can also customize your mask with your choice of mix-in.

Here are some suggestions for mix-ins if you want to take it a step further:
Avocado Oil: to deeply moisturize and heal
Apple Cider Vinegar (diluted): an astringent to clear the skin and balance pH
Rose Water: a gentle and fragrant moisturizing option
Raw Honey: an anti-bacterial that's also very moisturizing
Rosehip Seed Oil: an anti-aging boost

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