Set of 2 Clay Masks


Any 2 Clay Masks // Facial Cleansers

What's better than a clay mask, you ask? Why, two clay masks, of course! Use your masks as an art palette, making powerful combinations for your skin. Use different masks on different areas of your skin, or make a new pretty color by combining! (One of my personal favorite combos is gentle rose + charcoal detox)

Tip: Don't have time for a full facial? These clay masks double as exfoliating scrubs if you're short on time and still want the rosy benefits.

Pick two (2) clay masks, and add your choices in the note to seller when purchasing.

Choose from:

[Charcoal Detox]: This charcoal detox clay mask is intense! Activated charcoal and frankincense dig deep into your face to literally pull out impurities. (It just got real in here.)

[Gentle Rose]: Have you ever wanted your face to feel like a flower petal? Ohhh, you have? This mask is for you then. Rose clay, hibiscus and rose essential oil gently exfoliate and nourish, leaving your skin ridiculously soft and smelling lady-like. This is like wearing the Goddess on your face.

[Radiant Citrus]: Shine bright, lioness! This citrus mask is the perfect wake-up call for skin that's feeling dull or has spent too long in the shade. Orange and lemon peel plus turmeric in rhassoul clay brighten and energize your complexion, leaving it glowing.

[Matcha]: This Matcha Clay Mask is like a green smoothie for your face. Matcha (green tea), spirulina and french green clay cleanse and fortify your skin for a vibrant, healthy complexion.

DIRECTIONS: Mix 1tsp clay mask with enough water to form a paste. Apply and leave on until dry. Gently wash away in cool water. Have fun with it. I like to paint on my masks using a paintbrush. Make it another chance for you to connect with your beautiful self. Let it be your warpaint crying out for radical self-love! Mix & match or combine clay masks if you fancy.


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